About Me

Shu Yang graduated from Iowa State University in 2014 with major in Mathematics and comajor in Statistics working with J.K. Kim and Z. Zhu. After graduation, she joined Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health as a post-doc with Judith Lok. She then joined NC State as a faculty member since 2016.

Her research interests include
⋆ Causal inference from longitudinal observational data
⋆ Semiparametric efficient estimation
⋆ Missing data analysis and imputation methods
⋆ Spatial data analysis, nonstationary process and spectral methods
⋆ Survey sampling and methodology

Here is her CV.

A postdoc position is open. Apply here.

⋆ Office: SAS Hall 4266
⋆ Phone: 919-515-1935
⋆ Email: syang24@ncsu.edu