Honored and Grateful: Receiving the Cavell Brownie Mentoring Faculty Award!

Dr. Cavell Brownie Mentoring Faculty Award

This award is named for Cavell Brownie, who was a faculty member at NC State from 1982-2007. Professor Brownie was outstanding in every way. She was a great teacher with high evaluations alongside demanding expectations. She was a leading researcher in wildlife sampling and capture-recapture methods, having co-authored two highly-cited monographs, published widely in statistics and non-statistics journals, won two Snedecor Awards, and she became an ASA Fellow in 2003.

This award honors Cavell Brownie for generous mentoring of faculty and students and seeks to encourage such mentoring by current faculty. She played an important role in mentoring female junior faculty, junior faculty involved in statistical consulting, and in mentoring graduate students. Her mentoring, collaboration, and statistical discussions are remembered with gratitude by current and former faculty and alumni.